"The Wendy Williams Show" is officially coming to an end with the upcoming last episode on June 17. Can fans anticipate the daily diva to make a fast and last comeback?

Since its debut in 2008, "The Wendy Williams Show" has aired 14 seasons. Her program is well-known for its "Hot Topics" portions, in which she discusses her candid, opinionated, and unexpected view on the current entertainment or pop culture news.

Unfortunately, according to a source who talked to The Sun, she will not be coming to say farewell to her show and the audience.

According to an insider, the former radio presenter declined an opportunity to record a farewell message for her longstanding followers, which would have shown during the show's final episode.

She was apparently requested to appear in the finale, but she declined.

"They weren't doing it live but asked Wendy for pre-taped video," a source added.

They continued, saying, "She still refused. She is still upset about what occurred. She is dissatisfied."

While the 57-year-talk old's show is nearing completion, it will not be the end of the series as Sherri Shepherd will take over.

According to the source, the staff is apparently tossing out sets and Wendy Williams items this weekend, with nothing being saved.

"They're physically deleting her from the structure. Wendy-related items are also being removed from offices."

Wendy Williams' name will never be spoken again once Sherri's show airs, according to the source.

Wendy Williams quit her program last year after being diagnosed with Grave's disease, an immunological condition that affects the thyroid. She also had a drinking problem and had been afflicted with COVID twice.

Despite the hurdles, Williams stated that she will return to her talk show in a few months.

In an interview in March, she stated that the upcoming "Wendy Show" will be "larger and brighter than before."

She also revealed in the same interview that her health is improving and she is healing, but her TV career would not end there.

Williams even stated that, despite being 57 years old, she has the physique and brains of a 25-year-old.

Meanwhile, it appears like she will skip "Sherri," since she told Fat Joe in May that the program is "not my thing."