Wendy Williams allegedly declared war on her new nemesis, Sherri Shepherd.

In its June 6 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Williams is upset with Shepherd for stealing her talk show from her.

Williams hosted The Wendy Williams Show for 13 years, but she was forced to say goodbye after it was axed. Now, there are reports that Shepherd would take over Williams’ timeslot, and the latter isn’t thrilled.

“She’s already begun her personal vendetta by bad-mouthing Sherri and dropping zingers, making Sherri appear like she’s untrustworthy and incompetent,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Williams and Shepherd’s showdown has been brewing since last year. But the controversial host never had the opportunity to take Shepherd down because she was busy tending to her health problems and drug addiction.

Still, the tabloid is convinced that it’s only a matter of time before Williams attacks Shepherd because she’s known for doing so on those that she dislikes from the industry.

“Sherri’s handlers are bracing themselves for a Wendy war. They’ve held emergency meetings, trying to come up with a way to deflect the arrows. Trouble is, Wendy is so unpredictable,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Williams also made headlines last week amid claims that her erratic behavior is causing those close to her to worry.

According to the same tabloid, Williams looked happy and relaxed during her recent outing. But those close to her noticed that something was off with the A-lister.

“Something was very off with her. She didn’t even recognize a friend who went up to say hi. She’s suddenly polished on the outside but she’s still a trainwreck on the inside,” the source said.

However, Gossip Cop confirmed that there’s no truth to the rumors. There’s no confirmation that Williams isn’t doing well these days.

The publication also said that the only accurate information about Williams is that she’s still fighting for control of her own finances since she dealt with a lot of problems in the past couple of months.

Williams also made an appearance at the Met Gala to seemingly silence all her haters. During the outing, the talk show host looked happy and healthy. This was, perhaps, her way of shutting down all the rumors and speculations about her mental health, as well as her physical health.