Wendy Williams' award-winning talk show staff allegedly begged her to return to the show which was said to be on the verge of being canceled.

The staff of "The Wendy Williams" show is reportedly split on the show's future, with white employees believing she should leave and African-American employees wanting her back.

"The work climate is getting increasingly hostile as the rift between the primarily black personnel who want Wendy back and the mostly white staffers who think Wendy should leave widens," insiders told Radar Online.

What makes matters worse, according to the publication, is that the people who will make the ultimate judgments are all white.

"The management team may be all-white, but we will not allow them to treat Wendy in this manner."

Employees hope that if Wendy Williams does not return to "The Wendy Williams Show," senior management would recruit black hosts to take her place permanently.

Sherri Shepherd and Bevy Smith are two candidates that have been mentioned as permanent replacements for Wendy.

Furthermore, the two guest hosts are said to be assisting the worried staff in their efforts to fight the good fight.

"Who the host is alters everything about the show," the source continued. From the individuals we interview to the topical subjects we discuss, to the fashion and celebrity visitors."

"Fortunately for Bevy Smith, she has a loud mouth and plenty of media pals, notably black gossip journalist Carlos Greer."

The employees claimed that management was "insane" if they believed the employees would just sit quietly and say nothing while transforming "The Wendy Williams Show" into a "Rachel Ray Show."

"It is our responsibility to keep the show black."

Wendy Williams hasn't been on the show since July 2021, and it's still unclear whether she'll return.

Sherri, on the other hand, is apparently close to negotiating a deal to become a permanent guest host, as previously announced.

According to TMZ, the former "The View" co-host will take over the series on a regular basis in September.

They will apparently keep an eye on Wendy's development from now until September, when the 15th season of "The Wendy Williams Show" will premiere.

Wendy will be welcomed back to the show if she is healthy enough by then. If she isn't, Sherri will take over, and the talk show's name will be changed as well.