Prince Andrew thought he could join the British Royal Family during Garter Day. But, the decision to ban him from the ceremony reportedly left him “crushed” and “a little confused.”

Express UK said the claims were from royal expert Omid Scobie after an unnamed source told him of the matter. He made a piece for Yahoo and discussed what allegedly happened among the British Royals, especially the Queen’s second son.

The publication quoted the “Finding Freedom” co-author, saying, “I’m told that earlier in the week, the [Duke of York] was under the impression that the blessing had been given for him to join the [British Royal Family] in the ceremony.”

The expert also noted that the royal-born Prince, per a source, was “crushed” and “a little confused.” He added, though, that the former working royal’s “confusion is not unwarranted” before asserting, “To say there has been a reluctance to completely remove Prince Andrew from all aspects of royal life is an understatement.”

This reportedly comes after Queen Elizabeth II “signaled” her support for the Duke of York during Prince Philip’s Service of Thanksgiving in March. She arrived with her son and walked with him inside Westminster Abbey, a move that Scobie is said to have labeled as "damaging" to the Royal Firm.

The royal author’s latest claims come as news of Prince William allegedly threatening to pull out of the ceremony made headlines. As claimed, the future King said he would not attend the event if Prince Andrew made a public comeback. 

A separate report from Express UK explained that the allegations first emerged after a source was quoted in the Evening Standard, saying, “The Duke of Cambridge was adamant,” adding that “if York insisted on taking part publicly, he would withdraw.”

No confirmations have yet to surface regarding the matter. The involved British Royals have also yet to make a comment to address the allegations.

Despite the lack of confirmations, though, a different insider made similar allegations to The Sun, according to Sky News. As reported, Prince William and Prince Charles warned Queen Elizabeth II to “disinvite” Prince Andrew from the Order of Garter Ceremony.

The unnamed source reportedly stated that the Queen’s direct heirs disclosed their concerns with each other before approaching the British Monarch the day before the event. 

Allegedly, “it was a decision taken by the [royal] household for the best interests of the [British Royal] family, but also the best interests of the Duke of York.”