Tom Cruise has not had much luck in love and marriage.

As of writing, the actor has already been married thrice and he has also been divorced three times. Cruise has not dated anyone officially since his split from Katie Holmes in 2012.

According to Star's source, Cruise is currently leading a lonely life because he’s alone. Even though he has children, he doesn’t hang out with them often. In fact, he has not seen his biological daughter, Suri Cruise throughout the past 10 years.

And when it comes to his failed marriages, the source told Star that Cruise’s controlling ways contributed to his split from Nicole Kidman and Holmes.

The Big Little Lies star previously told reporters that divorce is hard after Cruise dumped her.

“It hit her hard when Tom threw in the towel,” the source said.

And as for Holmes, the couple also split because Cruise tried to control the actress and force her to join Scientology.

“Katie blindsided him with divorce papers in 2012, five years after they tied the knot in Italy. Katie had secretly plotted her escape by using a burner cell phone to speak with lawyers and told a stunned Tom the news while he was thousands of miles away filming in Iceland. The insiders say Tom’s controlling ways played a part in the split, and there’s talk the mom of one, who’s currently dating Bobby Wooten, still refuses to take his calls,” the source said.

Years after their divorce, Cruise was linked to a slew of women but nothing progressed into an actual relationship.

Last year, there were rumors that he and his Mission: Impossible co-star, Hayley Atwell fell for each other while on the set of the movie.

“They had a good thing going, but it had to take a back seat because the movie came first. Tom fully believes the right person is out there for him somewhere. But the truth is, it just hasn’t been his priority,” the source said.

As of late, none of Cruise’s ex-wives and ex-girlfriends have come forward to complain about his controlling attitude. So, it’s possible that the tabloid just made it up to make Cruise look bad.

After all, it’s true that he’s not friends with some of his exes and that he’s also estranged from his daughter, Suri.