Ellen DeGeneres will be bidding her talk show, The Ellen Show goodbye very soon.

Earlier this month, the comedian announced that she already filmed her final episode. And sources are saying that her last guest on The Ellen Show is Jennifer Aniston.

In its May 23 issue, Star claimed that Aniston and other A-listers like Kris Jenner didn’t want to come on to The Ellen Show. But they were left with no other choice because the funny woman practically begged them to make an appearance.

“There were a lot of A-listers who were acutely aware Ellen was damaged goods, and it just wasn’t a good look to be supporting her on the show. Sure, she convinced the likes of Kris Jenner and Jennifer Aniston to come on, but it wasn’t easy. The bottom line was nobody really wanted to be associated with her, and those who gave her a pass did so because they had projects to promote,” the source said.

The source also claimed that the recent controversies and allegations of bullying and having a toxic work environment took their toll on DeGeneres and The Ellen Show.

Even though Portia de Rossi’s wife never admitted to bullying her staff, DeGeneres acknowledged that her power comes with responsibility. As such, she took responsibility for what happened on the once-hit talk show.

And even though it’s been two years since the scandal broke out, the source claimed that the DeGeneres’ staff never really recovered from it.

Some of them are sad to leave The Ellen Show because this means losing their paychecks. But others couldn’t be more thrilled. In fact, DeGeneres’ staff allegedly hosted a goodbye party for everyone and they didn’t invite the comedian.

“There was no way they’d invite her. It was about everyone saying goodbye to each other in a relaxed setting, clinking a few glasses, and consoling one another for the hell they’d all been through. They say that whatever life throws at them will be a thousand times easier than walking on eggshells around a tyrannical boss,” the source said.

And now that The Ellen Show will soon go off the air, fans of DeGeneres can see her venturing into other things. Her wife hinted at the possibility of DeGeneres touring and doing standup comedy because she’s reportedly very good at it.