Ellen DeGeneres allegedly plans to salvage her reputation by giving her staff a huge surprise.

In its April 4 issue, National Enquirer claimed that DeGeneres plans to give millions to her staff on The Ellen Show after the program ends later this year.

A source claimed that the comedian and Warner Bros. teamed up to ensure that all the staff members that would lose their jobs will be compensated well.

“It was not even a question for Ellen to cover bonuses, that was very important to her,” the source said.

The insider claimed that DeGeneres could shell out a huge chunk of the staff’s compensation from her own savings. And this is her way of trying to prove to the world that she’s not a mean boss.

In 2019, Portia de Rossi’s wife made headlines after she was accused of being a bully. There were also allegations of a toxic work environment on the set of The Ellen Show.

Several former staffers came forward with their harrowing experiences on the set and with DeGeneres. But the latter denied all their claims.

However, it also became concerning for DeGeneres’ fans why not many people came out to support the comedian. In fact, even her closest friends in the industry did not defend her from the allegations.

This caused them to think that the rumors were all true. But de Rossi made sure to stand by her wife’s side through it all. Even if this was the case, the couple was still rumored to be drifting apart.

At the time, multiple tabloids claimed that DeGeneres and de Rossi were divorcing. They also alleged that the couple have already been having issues even before the scandal broke out.

But three years passed and DeGeneres and de Rossi are still together. In the same way, DeGeneres’ talk show continued and her staffers continued to work for her.

So, it’s obvious that not all the claims made by the tabloids are accurate. And there’s also no proof that DeGeneres and Warner Bros. plan to give the staffers millions once the show ends.

But it is possible that they will receive proper compensation but it’s unlikely for the figure to reach a million dollars or more. And even if it does, it is important to note that the amount will be divided among all the members of The Ellen Show staff.