Prince Louis recently celebrated his fourth birthday and sources are saying that big things are in store for the youngest member of the Cambridge household.

In its May 9 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Louis will soon be leaving Willocks Nursery School.

He was originally supposed to transfer to Thomas’s Battersea where his older siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte are enrolled.

But with the Cambridge family’s move to Windsor looming, all three of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children will be leaving their current school.

A source claimed that this coming school year, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will be enrolled at the same school. However, no one knows where this is because the family has not made an official announcement.

Weeks ago, multiple tabloids also claimed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be moving to a different schools. There are allegedly discussions in the Cambridge household as to whether Prince George should attend a boarding school just like Prince William.

Last year, the same tabloid claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited schools in Berkshire to see if there’s a right fit for their children.

And just months later, In Touch Weekly alleged that the Cambridges are in a rush to send Prince George to a different school because he’s being bullied by his classmates.

However, weeks have passed and there’s still no confirmation from Prince William and Middleton. So, it’s still unclear whether their children will be moving to a different school this coming school year.

The source also claimed that Cambridge had a blast celebrating Prince Louis’ birthday. Prince William and Middleton shared an adorable portrait of the 4-year-old on Instagram to commemorate his special day.

It’s unclear how the family celebrated Prince Louis’ fourth birthday. But it’s possible for the royal youngster to have received some presents from his family and friends.

Prince William, Middleton, and their three children also went on a short vacation days before Prince Louis’ birthday. The trip must have been an exciting one for Prince Louis especially since he struggled a lot during the pandemic.

In 2020, Middleton joked that being on lockdown was so hard for Prince Louis because he didn’t understand what social distancing meant.

“So he goes out wanting to cuddle everything and particularly any babies younger than him,” Middleton said.