Kate Middleton and Prince William are on a different page when it comes to having a fourth child. But royal experts are convinced that one of them would get their way sooner rather than later.

While speaking with Closer UK, royal expert Duncan Larcombe said that there have been talks between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge about expanding their family. And it seems this could happen anytime soon.

“I think becoming a mom has been the making of Kate. You can see when she works with kids, she looks at home and relaxed. And I think her role as a mom with her three children is something the public loves. I certainly think she’ll have another baby – there was always talk of four, and there were rumors that the couple was trying for another in the autumn,” Larcombe said.

The royal commentator added that the Cambridges having a fourth child can help improve their image.

“She and William, and their little family, are the image that I think the royals would do best putting forward. I think they are the future of the monarchy,” Larcombe said.

Other than her baby plans, Middleton has also been stepping up to the plate ever since Queen Elizabeth suffered some health issues. And thousands of royal fans across the globe regard her as the future of the British monarchy.

“While it may seem that royal work is on a small scale, much of our country’s relationships with other countries rely on the royal visits and the diplomatic work they do. And Kate is the perfect representative for this. She is the key to the success of the royals in the future. William is too, but I think she makes him more popular and appealing,” the source said.

During a recent engagement, Middleton confirmed that she and Prince William are still on different pages when it comes to expanding their family.

After all, the Duchess of Cambridge said that Prince William is always worried about her meeting babies during her outings because she comes home and tells her husband that she wants another baby.

Years ago, Middleton also made a similar revelation during another engagement. She suggested that she wants to have baby number four, but Prince William insisted that they should stop after having three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.