Queen Elizabeth has allegedly been relying on Kate Middleton so much to the point that she asked the latter to help her heal the royal family’s ongoing rift.

In its Feb. 7 issue, New Idea claimed that the queen trusts Middleton so much, and she couldn’t be more grateful that Prince William ended up marrying the Duchess of Cambridge.

So, when the royal family’s ongoing rift became a bit too hard to bear, she knew instantly that she has Middleton in her corner.

“Her Majesty can’t believe her good fortune that William married such an incredible young woman, who radiates nothing but kindness, maturity, and work ethic. Kate reminds her of herself. The queen has regarded Kate as the family’s secret weapon ever since she saw the global outpouring of goodwill on her wedding day,” the source said.

And now that the royal family is dealing with Prince Andrew’s scandal, as well as Prince Harry’s security lawsuit, the queen allegedly summoned Middleton for a meeting so that they can discuss their plans.

“The queen asked Kate to step up even further this year. She feels the only way they can weather the scandal is to have a steady ship like Kate fronting up regularly to prove there is still decency in the family. This means a lot of work for Kate but also a lot of bonuses,” the source said.

One of Middleton’s perks allegedly has to do with her budget for her clothes. The queen decided to give the future queen consort an unlimited budget on her clothing because she will soon be the face of the British monarchy.

“The queen feels that if Kate is the showstopper we know and love, the world will forget about the chaos surrounding Harry and Andrew,” the source said.

The queen also supports Middleton’s plans to have a fourth child and she plans to convince Prince William to have another baby. After all, the Duchess of Cambridge has been adamant at saying that her husband no longer wants to add their family of five.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

It is not Middleton’s responsibility to repair the issues of the royal family. After all, she’s just married to Prince William and if there are people that could get involved it should be the royals by blood.