Princess Mary of Denmark allegedly encouraged Kate Middleton to have another baby with her husband, Prince William.

In its March 7 issue, New Idea claimed that one of the topics that the two royals discussed during their recent meeting had to do with their children.

Royal fans know that Middleton wants to expand her family, but Prince William is not really keen on having more kids.

So, while speaking with the tabloid, royal commentator Phil Dampier detailed the conversation that the two women had.

Princess Mary of Denmark reportedly told Middleton that she would regret it if she won’t have a fourth child.

An insider also said that Princess Mary’s suggestion wasn’t necessarily surprising because everyone knows that she has four children. And she’s also one of the lucky ones because she has two sons and two daughters.

“Mary of course has two boys and two girls. Kate has two boys and a girl. Mary told her that if she did decide to have another baby, it would be beautiful if she had another girl,” a source said.

Last week, Prince William and Middleton’s hilarious conversation about having more kids came to light.

It was revealed that the Duke of Cambridge is always worried every time Middleton crosses paths with a baby because she usually comes home and encourages her husband to have another one.

However, the Duke of Cambridge seems firm with his decision to not have more kids.

In fact, Middleton already revealed this important detail three years ago during a royal engagement.

At the time, Middleton told a royal fan that she was feeling broody after seeing an adorable infant. But the mom of three also revealed that Prince William doesn’t want to have more kids.

However, it is important to remember that Middleton and Prince William’s decision to have another baby or to not have another one is entirely up to them.

And since this is a private decision, royal fans should let them deal with it behind closed doors.

If Prince William and Middleton surprised royal fans with a baby announcement in the coming months or years then it would certainly be an exciting piece of news.

But if Prince William and Middleton would only have three children for the rest of their lives, then this is OK as well.