Fans of Celine Dion will no longer be able to hear her sing again, a tabloid claimed.

In its April 25 issue, National Enquirer alleged that Dion lost a considerable amount of weight and she now weighs 87 pounds. Due to the drastic weight loss, Dion couldn’t allegedly sing anymore.

“Celine is so frail. She has difficulty walking, let alone even thinking about performing. People are terrified. She can’t seem to gain weight or even want to try,” the source said.

Months ago, a rep for Dion revealed that the singer wouldn’t be able to push through with her concerts because she has been dealing with muscle spasms.

The tabloid’s source claimed that muscle spasms are experienced by those who lose weight drastically.

“The muscle spasms are likely the result of hypokalemia, which is the result of dangerously poor nutrition. The condition also causes cramps, weakness, and in some cases paralysis. Celine’s inability to gain weight may be triggered by long-standing emotional issues, exhaustion, depression, and grief,” the source said.

The death of her husband has also taken a toll on Dion. The source claimed that the “My Heart Will Go On” singer hasn’t been the same ever since she lost her husband. But if Dion doesn’t take her health seriously, she could allegedly face more problems.

“She could suffer a potentially fatal heart rhythm disturbance. She may even be suffering from spasm-causing autoimmune diseases such as ALS or MS. Both can cause nerve damage and devastating weight loss. In either case, she desperately needs hospitalization and treatment that could save her life,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Dion has been rumored to have lost a considerable amount of weight or accused of being malnourished and unhealthy.

In February, Globe claimed that Dion’s weight dropped to just 100 pounds. And a source said that the singer’s alarming weight loss is causing her family and friends to worry.

However, none of these rumors are true. Dion may have lost a considerable amount of weight, but this doesn’t automatically mean that she’s unhealthy.

In fact, the singer previously responded to all the criticisms that she received after she stepped out for the first time ever years ago. She said that she’s grateful for the public’s concern but she doesn’t need them to worry or criticize the way she looks.