Celine Dion recently announced that she needs to cancel the rest of her tour due to some health issues.

The singer’s representative later confirmed that she’s under medication for muscle spasms. However, unnamed sources are convinced that something more serious is going on with Dion that she’s letting her fans know.

“She’s been medicated for agonizing pain and she looks like she’s wasting away. It’s an all-out crisis. She looks emaciated. When you’re in terrible pain you don’t usually have much of an appetite and since she isn’t able to exercise that causes even more health issues,” the source told National Enquirer.

A resident doctor said that Dion’s health problems could be life-threatening because she’s having a hard time swallowing. As such, the singer’s unable to eat.

“She seems to have extreme difficulty swallowing, which may be caused by nerve damage, explaining the weight loss. Her symptoms are not just from low potassium, calcium, or salt. If they were, it could be corrected, at least, temporarily replacing those minerals,” the doctor said.

The same doctor is also speculating on the possibility that Dion could be suffering from an autoimmune disease or even multiple sclerosis or nerve damage.

A friend close to the singer also thinks that Dion is dealing with too much stress these days especially following the death of her husband.

“It all overwhelmed her and her health. The demands of her career have taken a deep toll both physically and emotionally. Her friends are urging her to take a year off, eat better, and let go of the stress. If she doesn’t, they’re afraid it will kill her,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Dion isn’t suffering from anything as serious as what the tabloid has been alleging. If she is, the singer or her rep would’ve already informed Dion’s fans.

While it is true that Dion was forced to cancel her live shows, it was simply because of her muscle spasm and nothing else.

The singer also vowed to return to the stage immediately after she recovers.

In the past, Dion also slammed those that are criticizing her weight loss. She said that what’s important at the end of the day is that she’s eating healthy and taking good care of herself. This shows that the singer takes her health seriously.