Lawyers have claimed that Prince Harry allegedly “suffered serious damage to his reputation and substantial hurt.” Their camp is seeking “aggravated damages” for him after the “embarrassment and distress,” which continues.

Express UK released a report on the matter, detailing the latest developments on the High Court case against the publishers of The Mail on Sunday. As argued by the royal’s camp, what he has reportedly continued to feel these days comes after the “feeding frenzy of hostile comments” caused by the publication’s article.

The article in question is the story from February with the headline, “EXCLUSIVE: How Prince Harry tried to keep his legal fight over the bodyguards a secret.” 

The Duke of Sussex’s lawyers noted that this story, alongside the “adverse and hostile” comments from readers, was “self-evidently exceptionally serious and damaging.” They added that these things constitute an “attack on his honesty and integrity,” consequently undermining his “fitness to be involved both in charitable and philanthropic work.”

The publication, later on, noted that Prince Harry and his legal camp particularly object to the allegation that he tried to keep the case, involving police protection, a secret. They, also, oppose the notion that he “improperly and cynically tried to manipulate and confuse public opinion.” 

In addition, their camp objects to the “numerous gratuitous” photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and their family.” Moreover, they draw the line at the word “exclusive” being used by the publisher to promote the story in question.

Buzzfeed News said that this is the second libel lawsuit Prince Harry has filed against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday since his and Meghan Markle’s exit from the British Monarchy. He first took legal action against the same defendant in November 2020 over a story, claiming he had “turned his back” on the Royal Marines after exiting his post as a working royal and his other honorary positions.

Weeks after the legal move, the publication printed an apology to the Duke of Sussex. It, also, noted that the royal-born Prince has been “in contact in a private capacity with individuals in the military, including in the Royal Marines to offer informal support.”

Alongside the printed apology, it reportedly made a donation, as well, to the former working royal’s Invictus Foundation.

The same publication, later on, said that Prince Harry received about $3,300 in damages. As for the case, it formally concluded in February 2021.