Pete Davidson had himself branded with Kim Kardashian’s name on his chest. The shocking move has reportedly won the hearts of many individuals, with a journalist deeming it the “epitome of romance.”

The International News said that the assertions came from Victoria Richards who wrote about the matter in her column for the Independent UK. She reportedly talked about how the grand gesture shows “love knows no boundaries.”

The journalist explained that it is “romantic precisely because it is so reckless” and “so foolhardy.” She noted that the gesture could become a regret, with the outlet adding that she is “swooned by Davidson’s adorable move.”

Richards, then, reportedly compared the “Saturday Night Live” player and the KKW Beauty founder’s relationship to Meghan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s and Angelina Jolie and Billy-Bob Thornton’s respective romances.

She stated that Pete Davidson branding himself reminds her of Jolie and Thornton, who wore vials of each other’s blood around their necks. She consequently recalled Fox and Kelly’s Instagram post, wherein they drank each other’s blood upon getting engaged beneath a banyan tree.

In the end, the journalist shared that “love has never been about ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldn’ts’.” She emphasized that “it is all the more dizzying for it, because what it represents is naive, terrible, delicious hope.”

Netizens were, also, quick to share their thoughts on social media platforms upon learning about Pete Davidson’s “Kim” branding. Cheat Sheet reported some of the sentiments of individuals, saying that the move seemingly received a mixed reception.

Some individuals are said to be attributing his decision to his mental health issues. One netizen asserted it is “giving BPD for sure.”

Others, however, are more critical of the matter. A fan even urged people to “stop romanticizing branding.”

As pointed out, the move is “not cute,” and “it is concerning.”

The comments and assertions have surfaced after Kim Kardashian confirmed that it was a “branding.” In her most recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show,” she revealed that it is not a tattoo of her name.

The celebrity host clarified whether an “iron thing went onto [Pete Davidson’s] body” to do the “Kim” brand. The reality star responded with a resounding “yes,” as per Marie Claire.

Kardashian, also, explained that her boyfriend wanted to do “something different” after having several inks for her. This, then, led to the confirmation that Davidson already has many tattoos of his girlfriend.

Among all, though, the reality star shared that her favorite says “my girl is a lawyer,” which the comedian had on his collarbone.