Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dubbed as horrible bosses from hell because of their outrageous rules and requirements.

In its March 14 issue, Star claimed that former employees of Prince Harry and Markle are so traumatized by their experience working for the couple that they vowed never to set foot in Montecito again.

Some of them reportedly spoke with the tabloid to detail their experiences with Prince Harry and Markle.

“Harry and Meghan pay tens of thousands of dollars to hire a special FBI-type agent to do background checks on potential hires. They’re not just digging for criminal records or verifying referrals. They want to know everything. Details about your family – even grandparents – personal relationships, what kind of town you come from, your spending habits… If you have too many credit cards you won’t get the job,” the source said.

Even though there are hundreds of applicants that initially want to work for Prince Harry and Markle, only 1 percent pass the screening.

And those that are offered a job receive a detailed contract that’s filled with fine print.

A source claimed that a common complaint among the Sussexes’ former employees is that the contract is so complicated that even licensed attorneys would have a hard time deciphering its contents.

The insider added that Prince Harry and Markle have very specific demands. For instance, their staff cannot speak to them at all times. And the only time they can have a conversation with their bosses is when Prince Harry and Markle are the first ones to talk to them.

Gadgets like mobile phones and laptops are not also allowed inside the couple’s Montecito mansion. And there’s a specific dress code that everyone needs to abide by. Those that fail to follow the rules are immediately fired.

But between Prince Harry and Markle, the couple’s former staff allegedly dislike the Duchess of Sussex more.

“Some people call her the wicked witch of the west coast behind her back. You feel like Meghan is constantly breathing down your neck – even when she isn’t in the room. If you forget to put the top back on a pen you get told off. The cups in the kitchen cupboard need to be a certain distance from one another and everything is color-coordinated. If anything is left out of place, she snaps at you,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

It’s not true that Prince Harry and Markle are this rude and strict with their household staff.