Wendy Williams Reportedly sued American multinational financial services company Wells Fargo to request the San Francisco-based bank to return her access to her bank accounts.

The talk show personality has apparently gone to court to demand that Wells Fargo, the bank she uses, unfreeze her accounts, which have supposedly been frozen for weeks despite the fact that they contain millions of dollars. The reason? The bank fears Wendy Williams has dementia, among other things. 

When Wells Fargo reportedly refused to give Wendy Williams access to her accounts because they were concerned about "financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence," the 57-year-old host of "The Wendy Williams Show" reportedly requested an emergency court order to unfreeze her accounts with Wells Fargo

"Several million dollars worth of cash" reportedly belonging to the writer and actress, according to Williams' court petition, even though she has been refused access to the assets for more than two weeks. 

Her lawyer also stated that Williams' previous financial advisor alerted the bank that she "was of unsound mind," resulting in the temporary suspension of her accounts and assets. 

With Williams as a customer, the agreement Wells Fargo has with them states that they are entitled to "'stop or refuse instructions for a planned transaction' in the event of financial exploitation, dementia and undue influence," which they are clearly doing. 

Because the talk show star has not made any transactions that would put Wells Fargo in the position of "pausing or rejecting" access to her assets, Williams' lawyer says they have been exploited by the bank. 

Because of Williams' "imminent and irreparable financial loss," the legal team defending the unwell anchor is attempting to get court orders to allow their client to access her "financial accounts, assets and statements." 

For the troubled talk-show host, this is only the latest in a string of setbacks, as Radar previously reported. 

Due to her reported inability to dress, "The Wendy Williams Show" management stated about two weeks ago that Wendy will be away from the show for at least another month. When she ultimately returns to her purple throne and the talk show set, Williams also wants to "fire" her whole crew, according to rumors.

The show's thirteenth season premiere in 2021 was initially delayed due to the namesake contracting COVID-19 - but four months have passed since then. Leah Remini, Whitney Cummings, Bill Bellamy and others have been standing in for Williams since then. Rumors regarding how many more episodes Williams would miss and why have resurfaced as a result of her extended absence from the show. The star's representative has now spoken out in reaction to all the rumors. 

After being diagnosed with Graves' disease and thyroid disease, Wendy Williams was said to have not entirely recovered from her sickness last year. It has even been alleged that her health has worsened to the point that she is no longer able to dress herself or participate in conversation as she once did.

The beloved program and the purple chair with the mug in it may never see the actress's comeback. A spokesperson for her said to Page Six however that these reports are untrue. "The health issues are inaccurate and any speculation about her not returning to the show is just that: speculation," he said.