Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle wins copyright case over letter to father

Meghan Markle's Upcoming Book May Be Filled with Explosive Allegations, Experts Claim

Rumors about Meghan Markle penning a tell-all memoir have been circulating for months, and now royal biographer Tom Bower has reignited the speculation with his latest claims. According to Bower, the Duchess of Sussex is preparing to release a memoir that could be filled with damaging allegations about the British royal family, similar to her husband Prince Harry's controversial bestseller, "Spare."
Meghan Markle on racism in UK royal family, considering suicide and crying due to Kate Middleton

Desperate for Success? Meghan Markle Seeks 'Suits' Cast Support for New Podcast

Meghan Markle is reportedly reaching out to her former "Suits" co-stars for participation in her new podcast project with Lemonada Media. This comes after her previous podcast, "Archetypes," was axed by Spotify. The Duchess of Sussex, who has largely distanced herself from her former colleagues since marrying Prince Harry, now faces the challenge of mending strained relationships and securing their support for her latest venture.
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