Prince Andrew has allegedly been relying too much on Queen Elizabeth amid his ongoing sexual abuse case.

In its Jan. 17 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince Andrew has been asking the queen for a huge favor. He allegedly wants the monarch to waive her sovereign immunity so that she could testify in defense of her favorite son.

However, the queen’s other children are worried about her testifying especially since she’s already 95 years old. They allegedly think that Prince Andrew is being selfish and inconsiderate for wanting to drag his mom into the scandal just to save face.

“That would be a huge risk – not that Andrew feels that way. He is arrogant enough to believe he could ask his mother to take the stand. The royal family might never come back from this. Whether he is forced to face a civil court or not, the damage to his reputation simply by association with Maxwell and Epstein has been done,” the source said.

But the queen also knows that there’s no coming back from the scandal for Prince Andrew that’s why she’s in discussion with her son and the other members of the royal family. But if push comes to shove, the queen would also consider stripping Prince Andrew off his royal title and military affiliations.

“This is heartbreaking for her since she gave him the Duke of York title as a nod to her own darling papa, who was the Duke of York before he was forced onto the throne when his brother abdicated. She’s furious he has besmirched the York title. She is incredibly disappointed he could have been so stupid to associate with people like Maxwell and Epstein,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. The queen will never testify in defense of Prince Andrew because she doesn’t have anything to do with the case.

Prince Andrew also knows that his mom just dealt with a series of health problems. And she’s not also getting any younger so it’s unlikely for him to want to put this pressure on the monarch.

The lawyer of Prince Andrew’s accuser also said that certain members of the royal family can be deposed in relation to the Duke of York’s case, but not the queen. After all, they respect her and think that the unnecessary stress is not worth it for the monarch, according to the Daily Beast.