Sarah Ferguson is allegedly trying to avoid Prince Andrew amid reports that he could be asked to make a court appearance in relation to his sexual abuse scandal.

In its Jan. 17 issue, New Idea claimed that Ferguson has always been a close and strong ally of Prince Andrew. But things are proving to be a little bit too much for the mom of two.

A source said that Ferguson’s decision to go on vacation recently with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie is proof that she wants to distance herself from her ex-husband.

“It’s interesting timing that Fergie chose now to take off on a family holiday with the girls given that, until now, she has stayed in the Royal Lodge with Andrew. Things are increasingly messy for Andrew, and it seems it’s getting all too much for Fergie,” the source said.

The insider added that there’s no guarantee that Prince Andrew would be able to escape the scandal regardless if he’s guilty or not. And this could allegedly be the reason why his ex-wife decided to leave the Royal Lodge for a couple of days.

“I guess Fergie has to decide whether she’s going to go down with him or not. Beatrice and Eugenie are using this trip to carefully plan their mom’s next move. They will be fine, as they have their granny’s total support. But Fergie risks being made a pariah by association with Andrew. The girls feel the best thing to do is for Fergie to keep quiet,” the source said.

With this, the source claimed that this might be a struggle for Fergie because she has always been loyal to her ex-husband.

The contradicting statements made by the tabloid prove that they are just speculating about Fergie and Prince Andrew’s relationship.

It’s not true that Ferguson went on a vacation with her daughters because she wants to distance herself from Prince Andrew.

Since it was the holidays, it is possible that the three royals wanted to bond with each other. And since the Duke and Duchess of York are no longer together, it wouldn’t be a good look for them to be hanging out.

Ferguson is still loyal to Prince Andrew and she has said this numerous times during her interviews. In fact, after the allegations of sexual abuse were made, Fergie said that her ex-husband is a good man.