O.J. Simpson’s two adult children, Sydney and Justin are, allegedly, scared of their dad.

In its Jan. 10 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Simpson wants to reunite with his children before his prison sentence. So, his thinking about moving to Florida temporarily so that he could be close to Sydney and Justin.

However, the brother and sisters are refusing to reunite with their dad because they still think that he was responsible for killing their late mother, Nicole Brown.

“They’ve both built successful lives out there as private people. The attention O.J. brings could change that. They love him as their father but would rather not become a part of his whole media circus. His kids don’t want to see him go off the rails again,” the source said.

Following Simpson’s prison sentence, he reportedly lived a complicated and abusive life. He took cocaine, drank heavily, and raged at his ex-girlfriend, Christine Prody.

However, the source said that Simpson couldn’t care less about improving his life and cleaning his act because he still gets financial support from the NFL. So, even if he’s convicted, he still has money when he gets out of prison.

“He finds Florida attractive due to state laws that shield homesteads and certain assets from being seized to satisfy debts, like the jury awarded payout he still owes the Browns and Goldmans,”

Fred Goldman, the father of Ron previously said that he’s not happy over the fact that Simpson has been freed. He said that Simpson belongs in prison for the rest of his life and he doesn’t also belong anywhere with other decent human beings.

But even if a lot of people are still angry at Simpson, there’s no indication that his children are scared of him. It’s not also true that Sydney and Justin are refusing to reunite with their dad.

In fact, the siblings have not spoken publicly about their dad in recent months.

Meanwhile, Simpson also made headlines recently after he commented on Betty White’s untimely passing at 99. A special program was supposed to be released when White turns 100 on Jan. 17. However, she died a few days earlier.

According to Simpson, his cat and White’s cat are good friends. Every time that Simpson’s cat would go missing, he would always find his pet on White’s backyard hanging out with the actress’s cat, according to the New York Post.