Britney Spears is allegedly expecting her first child with Sam Asghari, and it’s a girl.

According to Closer UK, Spears is enjoying her new lease on life especially now that her conservatorship is finally over.

Since Spears and Asghari are already engaged, the couple allegedly decided to immediately expand their family even before their wedding. And the couple couldn’t be more thrilled to let all their friends know that they are expecting a baby together.

“After 13 years of hell, the scent of freedom has given Britney a new lease of life over the last few months. She’s got a newfound sense of hope, which has allowed her to dream of a future away from the constraints of those who’ve been controlling her for so long – something she thought might never happen,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Spears can’t wait to wed Asghari. But there’s also no denying that her biggest goal is to have another baby at 40. With her birthday just days away, the source said that Spears couldn’t be more thrilled to have gotten the best birthday gift: her pregnancy.

“And with her 40th birthday looming next month, she doesn’t want to waste another second – she’s hell-bent on falling pregnant with her little princess as soon as possible, whatever happens in court. A baby girl will bring her so much joy,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be more contradicting. Their headlined claimed that Spears is already pregnant with a baby girl, and she’s just waiting for the perfect time to share the news with the world.

But some parts of the tabloid’s story claimed that Spears is still trying to get pregnant. And she hopes that it won’t be such a difficult process especially now that she’s turning 40.

With this, the magazine also claimed that Spears will also be thrilled if she became pregnant with a boy. Even though she already has two sons, having a baby with her future husband is also something that she wants to experience with Asghari.

“She and Sam will keep going until they get their girl. Sam is from a big family and has three older sisters and is extremely close to his mom, too,” the source said.

Once again, another contradicting statement from the magazine, If Spears is open to having another baby boy, she wouldn’t have to continue to trying until she becomes pregnant with a baby girl.