Melanie Griffith is allegedly struggling with her health that’s why she has bruises on her hands.

In its Nov. 22 issue, Globe published a photo of Griffith smoking a cigarette while she’s in her car. The snap shows that the actress has discoloration or bruise on her hand.

A source claimed that the only reason why Dakota Johnson’s mom’s hand is bruised is that she suffered from a secret heart attack.

“If she’s bleeding into the skin then it’s most likely due to anti-clotting medicines in response to a secret heart attack she hasn’t publicly disclosed,” the tabloid’s favorite doctor, Dr. Gabe Mirkin said.

Their second favorite expert, Dr. Stuart Fischer claimed that Griffith could be suffering from a clot-causing rhythmic heart disturbance called atrial fibrillation. And the clotting suggests that the actress could be taking a powerful blood thinner like Coumadin or Eliquis.

“These medicines are a two-edged sword. They can help someone who has impaired circulation or an irregular heartbeat, but if not monitored carefully, they can cause sudden bleeding, excessive bruising, or internal complications,” Fischer said.

The unnamed source is worried that the clot could also form in Griffith’s heart and can cause problems in her blood circulation and result in something fatal or disabling.

A third source claimed that a lot of people are worried about Griffith due to her complicated medical history. So, they can’t help but think that the actress only has months to live.

Over-the-top illnesses and death seem to be a recurring storyline typically found in Globe magazine. From Queen Elizabeth to Prince Charles to several other A-listers, the tabloid has given them different health issues simply because they have bruises on their body.

However, it is important to note that there are other reasons why bruises exist, and not all these reasons are life-threatening. It’s possible that Griffith just hit her hand and since her hands are quite boney then it’s easier for her to bruise up.

The actress may also be a bruise former, which is not unusual for a lot of people. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s dying.

There’s also no reason for Griffith to keep her heart attack a secret if she really suffered from one. After all, the actress has always been honest with her health struggles in the past.