Ryan Seacrest has been sparking health fears throughout the past couple of months.

Just recently, he was absent from Live With Kelly and Ryan, and this once again sparked worries from his fans.

In its Oct. 18 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Seacrest is in bad shape. However, the host refuses to share the truth about his health.

“It’s far worse than Ryan’s making it out to be. His team was so concerned they staged an intervention. Ryan’s in bad shape,” the source said.

However, another source also claimed that there’s no cause for alarm because Seacrest is doing well.

“Ryan has been doing his radio show live on air and is getting ready to head to Austin for American Idol auditions. I’m proud that he recognizes he needs to find windows of time to rest during these busy windows of work,” the source said.

Two years ago, Seacrest sparked rumors that he could’ve suffered a heart attack during a live episode of American Idol. At the time, the host appearance on the show looking weak.

Fans also noticed that one of Seacrest’s eyes looked much smaller than his other eye.

However, the host released a statement shortly after saying that he didn’t suffer from a heart attack.

Those close to Seacrest are also aware of how busy he is because he has multiple shows. And by the looks of it, the tabloids are speculating on his health again because he is back on American Idol.

Since the hit singing reality TV show has already started its audition process in Texas, this means that Seacrest will be on the road for the next couple of months.

Once contestants have been selected to compete in American Idol, he will continue to host the competition during the recorded performances until the finale sometime in the spring of 2022.

However, it seems that Seacrest takes good care of himself. He looks as fit as ever, and he also exercises regularly.

Meanwhile, Seacrest just made a public appearance in New York with his girlfriend, Aubrey Paige. And photos uploaded by Daily Mail show that Seacrest looks fit and healthy.

The snaps also show Seacrest and Paige wearing their workout attire. And this supports the claims that the American Idol host takes good care of himself. So, fans don’t have anything to worry about.