Prince Charles recently signed a deal with Amazon Prime, and he will be launching his own channel that would focus solely on climate change.

In its Oct. 17 issue, Star claimed that there’s another reason why Prince Charles decided to sign a deal with Amazon Prime.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed a multi-year deal with Netflix. And they will reportedly be making millions for their upcoming projects.

A source is now claiming that Prince Charles decided to sign with Amazon Prime to get back at Prince Harry and Markle. And since he will be tackling an important issue like climate change, he was to show the world how shallow the Sussexes are.

There are rumors that Prince Harry and Markle’s projects with Netflix will center on a Princess Diana movie and several interviews. However, the Sussexes already confirmed that this wouldn’t be the case.

Still, the tabloid insisted that Prince Charles’ motivation for signing with Amazon Prime is to get back at the Sussexes.

“Charles is horrified that Harry and Meghan are capitalizing on their royal connections, demanding millions of dollars from Netflix. This is his way of making them look shallow. It was Charles’ idea to do a rival deal and to throw the gas on the fire with the timing of the announcement. The whole situation has heightened the feud between Harry and his dad – and it’s only getting worse,” the source said.

During his recent interviews, Prince Harry said that he feels very let down by Prince Charles. After all, the heir to the throne didn’t support him and Markle when they expressed their concerns with the British press.

The Duke of Sussex also accused Prince Charles of not supporting him and his wife financially after their quit The Firm.

However, Prince Charles’ spokesperson denied the allegations. He said that Prince Charles even gave the Sussexes a huge chunk of money so that they could get started with their new life in the United States.

But until today, Prince Charles and Prince Harry are still not on good terms. And the Duke of Sussex allegedly thinks that his dad is copying him.

“Harry is going around calling Charles a hypocrite. He thinks Charles is copying him,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Prince Charles didn’t sign a deal with Amazon Prime to expose Prince Harry.