Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are allegedly shocked to learn that Prince Philip didn’t leave them with a single cent.

In its Oct. 11 issue, Life & Style claimed that Prince Harry always thought that his late grandfather would leave him a generous sum after the latter passes away.

But before Prince Philip died, he allegedly changed the contents of his last will and testament. And he decided to remove Prince Harry from the list of people that would inherit something from him.

A source claimed that Prince Philip’s lawyers just informed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they won’t be getting anything, and they are both upset.

But between the two, Markle was allegedly the one who was more furious.

“Harry can’t believe that Philip didn’t leave him a penny. Meghan is urging Harry to get hold of a copy of the documents, but royal aides have advised the queen not to send the will to anyone,” the source said.

The source added that Prince Philip didn’t also inform Queen Elizabeth regarding the changes that he made to his last will and testament. After all, he knew that the monarch would’ve talked him out of it.

“Harry was shocked, hurt, and angry. Meghan claimed there must have been some mistake. Even though he was fully aware that his grandfather wasn’t on the same page as him about starting a new life in California, he assumed they were on good terms. He couldn’t have been more off the mark,” the source said.

In recent weeks, there have been several rumors surrounding Prince Philip’s last will and testament. However, none of them are true.

Prince Philip didn’t remove Prince Harry from his will. And it’s not also true that he removed Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.

It is important to note that Prince Philip’s will is a private document and only his family would be informed of all the important details.

Since Prince Philip’s will is not a public document, there’s no way for a tabloid to know all this information about it.

It’s obvious that the tabloids are just speculating on Prince Philip’s will. And they are also making it seem as though he died with negative feelings towards Prince Harry and Markle even if this isn’t necessarily the case.

Prince Philip didn’t have bad blood with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.