Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly got into a fight during their recent trip to New York.

In its Oct. 11 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Harry and Markle just faked their smiles for the camera during their trip to the Big Apple.

But there was allegedly one instance wherein the Duke and Duchess of Sussex failed to hide the tensions that have been going on between them.

An onlooker claimed that Prince Harry tried to control his anger by pinching his nose, but it didn’t work. After all, he became fed up with his wife because Markle refused to let him speak during their public appearances and interviews.

“He does love that Meghan takes the lead on things, but he always had a problem with playing second fiddle to his brother. And now he’s taking a back seat again. They might behave all lovey-dovey when they know the cameras are on them, but sometimes, once they’re in private, there can be tension,” the source said.

Another source also claimed that Prince Harry and Markle have already started filming their first project for Netflix while they were in New York City.

To make their dubious claim more convincing, the tabloid published a photo of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex standing in front of a videographer that was recording their every move.

However, it is important to note that Prince Harry and Markle brought their own media staff along with them to New York. And it’s possible that the man holding the camera is their personal videographer and not someone from Netflix.

Meanwhile, a third source claimed that Prince Harry and Markle went to a bar almost every night that they were in the Big Apple.

Eyewitnesses said that Prince Harry and Markle looked like they had a wonderful time at the bar. And the bar owner also said that the couple was gracious and that they also seemed generous.

However, more criticisms ensued even before Prince Harry and Markle could return to Montecito. After all, Princess Diana’s former protection officer, Ken Wharfe said that the couple shouldn’t be given security while they were in New York because they are no longer considered as senior working royals.

“No one else would receive such treatment, so why should they? They seem to think they are entitled in the mistaken belief they are doing good things, but that’s debatable,” Wharfe said.