Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are allegedly rushing to tie the knot now that they will soon have a baby. However, those close to the couple are discouraging them from doing so.

In its Oct. 11 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Mulaney and Munn are smitten with each other. So much so that they are moving full steam ahead to the altar.

“Olivia loves John and they’re elated about the baby. So, she figures why not go the whole nine yards,” the source said.

However, the couple is also allegedly facing a slew of hurdles in their relationship that could prevent them from ever tying the knot.

First, Mulaney just got out of his previous marriage, and he and his ex-wife are currently working out their divorce.

There are also some allegations that Mulaney’s ex, Anna Marie is blaming Munn for the fall out of her marriage to the Newsroom actor.

On top of the exes’ divorce proceedings, Mulaney is also dealing with his sobriety. The tabloid claimed that he’s only 60 days sober following his trip to rehab for drug and alcohol use.

“John was told coming out of rehab that he needed to slow down his life and not make big changes. But he got back up and on stage, he left his wife, he started a new relationship, and now he’s going to be a dad,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims do not seem valid. If Munn and Mulaney really wanted to tie the knot, they can privately deal with the latter’s ongoing divorce proceedings, as well as the actor’s sobriety.

These things won’t prevent the couple from walking down the aisle if this is really what they wanted to do. Unfortunately, there is no proof that Munn and Mulaney are in a rush to tie the knot.

And not because the X-Men star is pregnant means that she already wants to settle down with her baby daddy.

Meanwhile, after the actress’s pregnancy was announced, there were indeed some speculations that Munn might have something to do with Mulaney and his ex-wife’s divorce.

According to Page Six, some fans are questioning the timeline of the actress’s pregnancy.

During a recent TV appearance, the actor shared the timeline of his rehab stint, divorce, and relationship with Munn. But an expert said that doing what he did just made it seem as though he’s trying to prove that he didn’t cheat.