Singer Cher is allegedly experiencing some dental issues and serious pain because she doesn’t floss her teeth regularly.

In its Oct. 11 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Chef is stressing out over her dental issues, cavities, and receding gums.

“She’s been told cavities and receding gums are common as you get older since more people are keeping their teeth and not wearing dentures. Cher’s always prided herself on her youthful looks, but her teeth don’t seem to agree with her,” the source said.

The singer’s dental problems have allegedly become so bad to the point that it’s making it impossible for her to sleep. Cher also complains about the pain when she’s with family and friends, but no one knows what they should do about it.

“Her teeth have given her problems much of her adult life. And she even wore braces in her 30s because they were shifting around. But now she’s having issues again,” the source said.

The condition allegedly worsened during the pandemic because Cher has a sweet tooth so she regularly consumed sweet treats. Her favorite sweets are allegedly candies and ice cream.

And since she doesn’t floss, Cher’s teeth just weakened over time. This doesn’t mean though that she’s a binge eater, but she simply has a sweet tooth.

On top of this, stress has also worsened Cher’s condition because it has made her forget the importance of flossing daily. Unfortunately, her laziness to take good care of her teeth is finally catching up on her.

However, the tabloid failed to provide concrete proof that Cher is having some dental issues. And the photo that they uploaded even showed that the singer’s teeth look so much better now than before.

It is possible that Cher has dentures, and if this is the case, then she can’t possibly worry about cavities.

It’s unclear where the tabloid’s speculations about Cher's teeth and dental hygiene are coming from. And it’s also unlikely for the singer not to floss if she loves to eat all sorts of sweets.

In one of the tabloid’s photos, Cher is eating a cup of ice cream. However, this isn’t also concrete proof that she’s obsessed with sweet snacks. It’s still possible that her eating the ice cream in the photo is just an isolated incident.

Therefore, it’s best to take the tabloid’s claims about Cher with a grain of salt.