Queen Elizabeth allegedly remembered Prince Harry on his 37th birthday, and she also made sure to let her grandson know how much she misses him.

In its Oct. 4 issue, Life & Style claimed that the queen understand how difficult life must be for Prince Harry in the United States.

Even though he and his wife are having a blast and doing what they love to do, there’s no denying the fact that the Duke of Sussex misses the United Kingdom.

The majority of his friends are based in Britain, and he also spent most of his life there.

“He misses London so much at times. He misses the friends he used to hang out with. They were like brothers. And he doesn’t even have his real brother to call anymore. His birthday brought all of that to light,” the source said.

So, the queen thought of doing something special for Prince Harry to make him feel better. She allegedly gifted her grandson with a new property that might encourage him to return to the UK more frequently.

More specifically, Her Majesty allegedly gave Prince Harry a cottage on the grounds of Sandringham Estate so that they could be close to each other.

“He’s hopeful that sometime soon in the future, they can figure out a situation where he spends six months of the year there. He can’t wait for his kids to spend time in the country he knows and genuinely does love,” the source said.

Last week, another tabloid claimed that the queen and Prince Charles phoned Prince Harry on his birthday. And they decided to bury the hatchet because it was his special day.

However, there was no mention of the queen giving Prince Harry a new cottage. And this doesn’t seem to make sense.

The Queen previously gave Prince Harry and Markle Frogmore Cottage after they tied the knot. But when they decided to relocate to the US, they had to pay for the renovations on the property.

Prince Harry and Markle are still entitled to stay at Frogmore Cottage when they visit the UK. So, there’s no need for the queen to gift her grandson another home.

And while it must be true that Prince Harry spoke to his loved ones on his birthday, no one knows for sure what they talked about. So, everything that the tabloids are saying is just based on speculations.