Queen Elizabeth allegedly called Prince Harry on his birthday on Sept. 15 and begged him to come home.

In its Oct. 4 issue, OK! magazine claimed that the queen misses Prince Harry so much. So, she took her grandson’s birthday as the perfect opportunity to call him and make a major request.

Following their conversation, the queen didn’t allegedly stop from sending Prince Harry messages expressing how she misses him and her great-grandchildren.

“Her Majesty’s been sending messages to appeal to Harry’s better nature. And she’s also desperate to make peace with Meghan Markle,” the source said.

The insider added that the queen also asked Kate Middleton to reach out to Markle because this might be the only way to convince Prince Harry to return home.

“Kate and Meghan exchanged a few emails and there’s been a warming trend. The queen knows time is of the essence,” the source said.

After all, there are allegedly some concerns that her reign would soon end that’s why she needs Prince Harry and Markle’s help. Even though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex already quit their royal duties, the monarch thinks that she could convince them to return.

And even though she’s more focused on trying to bring Prince Harry back to the UK, she knows she needs Markle on her side that’s why she’s exerting all sorts of efforts for her.

“She wants Meghan to feel welcome to join too, and not stay behind in the States with the children. Seeing Harry with his growing family would bring her so much joy,” the source said.

OK! magazine isn’t the only tabloid that’s claiming that Middleton and Markle have started talking.

Last week, Heat UK claimed that Markle phoned Middleton because she doesn’t want them to have any awkwardness when they reunite in the UK soon.

A source claimed that Prince Harry and Markle are organizing their daughter’s christening in the UK. And they have also invited their immediate family members.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge already confirmed their attendance. So, Markle wants to make sure that she and Middleton will be good on the day of the christening.

However, there is no indication that Markle reached out to Middleton recently. And it’s also untrue that the queen is trying to convince Prince Harry and Markle to return to the UK.

Following the Sussexes’ exit, they confirmed that they received the queen’s blessing. This means that the monarch understands why Prince Harry and Markle quit.