Jamie Foxx has allegedly expressed his desire to get back together with Katie Holmes.

In its Oct. 4 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Foxx knows that Holmes is still single after her split from Emilio Vitolo earlier this year. And the actor wants to pursue her ex.

Unfortunately, a source claimed that it’s unlikely for Holmes to give in because she doesn’t have any plans to date anytime soon.

“She’s focused on directing and meetings and any downtime she has she spends at home. Katie’s worn out by dating,” the source said.

The insider also said that there’s another reason why Holmes won’t get back together with Foxx – ever. After all, the actress was with Foxx for six years, and she expressed her desire to tie the knot on multiple occasions. However, Foxx never considered proposing to Holmes.

To make things worse, there were also rumors suggesting that Foxx cheated on Holmes throughout the span of their relationship. And the Dawson’s Creek star wanted out.

“It’s no secret Jamie wants another chance with Katie. He thinks she’s looking good, and he misses the steamy moments. But she’s not responding to his overtures. She’d rather curl up with a good book at night than go through that again,” the source said.

According to the source, there’s no denying the fact that Holmes is a true romantic. And this is the reason why her former boyfriends managed to sweep her off her feet.

Other than Vitolo and Foxx, Holmes also dated Tom Cruise for a couple of years. They even have a daughter together.

But after everything that she went through with her exes, being in a relationship is no longer enticing for her. So, Holmes has been telling her friends that she intends to get married to her career instead of a man.

However, the tabloid’s claims seemingly contradicted last week’s story about Holmes.

New Idea claimed that Holmes is desperate to find love that’s why she’s asking her friend, Rose Byrne to introduce her to Australian men. Holmes allegedly wants to date someone like Liam Hemsworth, who’s also Australian.

Last year, Holmes was also linked to Hemsworth after multiple tabloids claimed that they have been hanging out. Eventually, Hemsworth dated his model girlfriend that’s why the tabloid stopped linking him to Holmes.

But by the looks of it, the tabloids are once again targeting Holmes and her love life.