Prince Charles allegedly lashed out at Prince William after learning that he’s been bypassed from the throne.

In its Sept. 27 issue, Life & Style claimed that the queen made the difficult decision of passing the throne to Prince William instead of Prince Charles after the latter was involved in a new sandal.

The queen also allegedly reached out to Prince William and Kate Middleton to inform them of her decision. And she also wants to immediately train them for their new roles as the future king and queen of Britain.

But when Prince Charles found out about the queen’s decision, he decided to lash out at his son and not at the queen.

“Charles went off on William and insinuated that he’s a traitor. But William’s loyal to his grandmother, and if she wants him to be king, he’ll do it,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that the queen has already reached the end of her rope when it comes to Prince Charles. She has also allegedly reached the end of her rope when it comes to her other son, Prince Andrew, who was accused of sexually abusing an underage girl in the 90s.

Right now, Prince William and Middleton are the only two royals that the queen believes she can trust.

This isn’t the first time that the queen was rumored to have bypassed Prince Charles for the throne. However, what the tabloid seems to forget is the fact that Prince Charles cannot be bypassed from the throne because he will succeed the queen.

The Order of Succession dictates that he will succeed the queen and the monarch cannot also change the order of succession.

It is also not true that Prince Charles lashed out at Prince William because there’s no reason for him to do so.

The only time that Prince William will ascend the throne is after his dad passes away or when Prince Charles abdicates. But this won’t likely happen because Prince Charles has been waiting for the day that he would be crowned king for decades.

Meanwhile, it is true that the queen is relying more on Prince William and Middleton but this is only because there are fewer working royals today. Prince Andrew stepped down from his royal duties after he was accused of sexual abuse.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also quit their royal duties last year.