Reports and rumors regarding a meeting between UK's Queen Elizabeth and the Sussexes are now getting rampant. Allegedly,  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may visit the Queen and patch things up either this December or next May.

Queen Elizabeth is about to celebrate her 70 years on the throne from May 12 to 15, 2022, at the grounds of Windsor and the meeting may happen here. However, there are also assumptions that they will be visiting the U.K. for the holidays.

According to Express, the royals are expected to attend the Platinum Jubilee Celebration, so there are theories Prince Harry and his wife will be part of it. ITV royal correspondent Chris Ship said in a tweet on Tuesday that all senior members of the royal family are likely to attend the Horse Show.

The royal couple has yet to return to Britain since November 2019 and they may now like to introduce their newborn child, Lilibet, to her great-grandmother. Charlotte Griffiths, Mail on Sunday's Diary editor, said the Queen and the Buckingham Palace itself wanted Prince Harry and Meghan to be "on board" for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

This event is said to be very important for the Monarch as she is the only Queen who has made it to the throne in 70 years. She is now 95 years old and the family has to be in a good place for the celebration next year.

Richard Eden, Daily Mail Diary editor, believed Prince Harry and Meghan would be invited for this event. He said the palace might make extra effort to have them part of the celebration and keep them into it.

Meanwhile, with the news that the U.S. will now lift its U.K. travel ban in November, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now have the chance to visit Queen Elizabeth in England. Royal Expert Adam Helliker told The Sun that it would be an important part of the "family unity" if ever the pair did it.

The trip might be a "private family visit" and "very low key" and the two might only visit the major part of the royal family, Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince William. As Queen Elizabeth is not getting any younger, this kind of occasion might not happen too often.

Prince Harry might feel guilty if she did not get to see her great-grandchildren and the great-granddaughter that she is yet to meet. If ever he and Meghan decided to patch things up, they might work hard to increase the unity between them and the royal family, which might happen this December. (Business Times)