Kate Middleton allegedly went into hiding for 68 days because she was trying to hide her pregnancy from the world.

In its September 27 issue, New Idea claimed that Middleton wanted to keep her fourth pregnancy a secret until the end of her first trimester to ensure that she’s not at risk of having a miscarriage.

But when Middleton stepped out in public recently to attend a royal engagement, there was no indication that she was pregnant. Prince William’s wife didn’t sport a growing baby bump, which proves that the tabloid was just speculating as to the reason why they have not seen her for over two months.

“Kate has always wanted four children and when she vanished into thin air over the British summer, everyone thought it was because she might be in the early stages of expecting. And it still might be the case – they haven’t responded to anyone’s pointed questions,” a source insisted.

However, it is also important to note that Middleton had a valid reason to stay away from the public’s eye for over two months. Since it was summer in the United Kingdom and her children were also on their school break, the Cambridges vacationed outside of London.

So, Middleton never went into hiding because she was pregnant. And she didn’t also try to conceal her pregnancy because she was not expecting at all. Instead, she was busy hanging out with her family.

“It’s been a taxing year for Kate, who has shouldered a lot of responsibilities. She has helped the queen through the loss of her husband and been rock-solid support to much of the family as they navigate life without Prince Philip,” the source said.

The source added that among all the issues and struggles that Middleton faced recently, it was Meghan Markle’s attacks that shook her to the core.

More specifically, the Duchess of Cambridge still hasn’t gotten over how Markle accused her of making her cry. Luckily, Middleton’s husband was with her through it all.

Prince William is allegedly furious at Markle for trying to drag Middleton into her personal issues. And he’s also upset because of what happened between him and Prince Harry.

But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have never been stronger and better. And after their two-month break, they are ready to take on more royal duties on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.