Elton John and David Furnish could allegedly get a divorce. In its September 13 issue, New Idea claimed that the once happy couple is not having problems.

And even though they couldn’t provide any proof for their claim, they published a photo of Elton John looking somber during his vacation in August and said that this was an obvious indication that his marriage is falling apart.

A source also claimed that John and Furnish are outgrowing each other after so many years together. And they are also on different paths in their lives.

“David is outgrowing being ‘Mr. Elton’ at this point in his life and wants his own recognition and independence,” the source said.

For John’s part, his live performances and busy schedule are finally taking a toll on him. After all, he’s not getting any younger.

“Performing takes so much out of Elton. Putting on these high-energy shows requires so much of him both physically and mentally. So, if David is off doing his own thing and not there to lend his support, it’s going to be very tough on Elton,” the source said.

At the end of the day, the source said that Furnish is the only person that could keep John calm so they still need each other regardless of the bumps that they’re facing.

However, there are times when John depends too much on his husband. And there are instances wherein the award-winning musician refuses to make decisions unless he runs them by Furnish.

It seems the tabloid is just attacking John and Furnish’s marriage based on a photo. But the snap shows John and Furnish sitting beside each other and it’s possible that the paparazzi just took a photo of them while they are not smiling.

However, this doesn’t mean that their marriage is strained or that they are close to divorcing. John and Furnish have been married since 2014. They also have two children together.

Meanwhile, John was also photographed hanging out with LeBron James in Italy during his recent vacation. TMZ published photos from the A-listers’ outing.

In the snap, John is also hanging out with a group of his friends, and he’s wearing a face mask while everyone else isn’t. However, Furnish wasn’t with him at the time.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the couple is having problems.