Elton John will, allegedly, release a tell-all that will unveil details about his friendship with Princess Diana.

In its Dec. 14 issue, OK! magazine claimed that John spent much of his time in quarantine reminiscing about some of the highlights of his life.

And the musician, allegedly, chanced upon a box filled with letters, scrapbooks, and other personal memorabilia from Princess Diana.

A source claimed that seeing all these things encouraged John to release a tell-all about their friendship.

The insider also said that John will share how he dealt with the back to back deaths of Princess Diana and Gianni Versace, who he was very close to.

While she was still alive, the Princess of Wales, allegedly, opened up to John about her struggles and heartaches.

Princess Diana also, allegedly, told the singer what she wanted to accomplish later on in life.

Now, John is, allegedly, ready to share the anecdotes that he got from the late royal. And he will also do the same with Versace, who is like a brother to him.

Other than his friendships with Princess Diana and Versace, John will also, allegedly, respond to all the rumors claiming that he’s feuding with other artists.

“Elton’s sick of people hyping up feuds, and he says many of them have been greatly exaggerated,” the source said.

John has been rumored to be feuding with Madonna, Simon Cowell, Lily Allen, and Rod Stewart.

And the source said that it’s true that there’s no love lost between him and the other A-listers.

John will also, allegedly, dish on the good, the bad, and the ugly things in his life. And the singer feels that sharing everything about himself in his tell-all will be the perfect end to his career.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that John isn’t planning on releasing another tell-all.

The “Candle In the Wind” singer just released a tell-all last year. And Me: Elton John Official Autobiography became a New York Times bestseller.

While it is true that John and Princess Diana were close, it’s unlikely for the singer to unveil the late royal’s secrets to the world.

John is also close to Princess Diana’s sons, and he’s very protective of them. As such, it’s unlikely that he would do this to their late mother.

The rumor-debunking site also pointed out that John isn’t planning on retiring.

As such, the tabloid’s claim that this tell-all will be the perfect end to his career isn’t true.