Riverdale Season 4 ended just last week but fans are already trying to find out exactly what will happen its fifth season. 

Of course, this may very well be due to the fact that the last episode shown was not supposed to be the season finale. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many productions had to be shut down in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading and this included Riverdale. Instead of 22 episodes, Insider reports that the season had to end with only 19 episodes, which left many questions unanswered. 

For those who are wondering exactly what will happen when season 5 comes, the producer of the hit show has given some hints on what fans should expect. 

Express UK reports that one of the things that we will most definitely see in season 5 is the development between Archie and Betty's relationship. Season 4 saw them revisiting long-forgotten feelings that they have had for years. The childhood best friends had to pretend that they were dating in order to protect Jughead, but it came to point when they were not pretending anymore and shared a steamy kiss. But the latest in season 4 is that they have decided to stay friends. 

But, it seems that something significant will happen during the prom episode. Fans will remember that Archie wrote a song for Betty and it seems that might be heard during that episode, which was supposed to be the 20th episode for season 4. 

The executive producer for the show himself, Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa, says that fans have not seen yet the last of their story. It remains to be seen just what these developments will mean for the four main leads. With Betty still dating Jughead, we still have to wait for season 5 to see if our resident nerd will take a chance on Archie. 

One more thing that fans should brace themselves for is the possibility of a time jump. It seems that the plan is that the characters have all gone off to college but something will bring them back to their beloved Riverdale. 

But again, because the last episodes which were supposed to be for season 4 will have to be shown in season 5, a time jump is not ideal says the producer. 

We have also not seen yet how FP and Hermione will make their exit from the show as they will no longer be a series regular given that the kids will no longer be in Riverdale but in college.