Prince Harry has allegedly vowed to travel to Balmoral this summer so he could spend some time with Queen Elizabeth.

In its August 23 issue, New Idea claimed that the queen was surprised to hear about her grandson’s plans.

But what made the monarch the most excited was the fact that Prince Harry promised to bring Archie and Lilibet with him.

While the Duke of Sussex’s arrival date hasn’t been confirmed, a source for the tabloid is insisting that the much-awaited trip by the trio is finally happening.

Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle won’t be joining them because she has a lot of things to do in the United States.

The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t also feel that she’s welcomed in the United Kingdom so she doesn’t have any plans to return anytime soon.

According to the source, Prince Harry decided to travel to Balmoral with his kids because he knows that the other members of the royal family will also be there.

Every year, the royals go to Balmoral to take a few days off from their busy schedules so that they could be with Her Majesty.

Prince Harry will also use the trip as an opportunity to clear the air with some of his loved ones. And he also wants everyone to know that he won’t attack them in his memoir.

“He insists it’s not true and would like to explain in person,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the source said that the queen can’t wait to meet Lili in person. After all, she has not had a chance to because Lili was born in the United States.

As for Archie, the queen already met her great-grandson a handful of times. But she has not seen him in over year because he has also been living in the United States.

But as exciting as a trip to Balmoral might sound, it’s not happening anytime soon.

Prince Harry has not promised the queen and the royal family that he would be with them during their break. And all the more did the Duke of Sussex not promise his relatives that he would bring Archie and Lili with him.

Lili is just a few weeks old so it’s not very safe for her to travel overseas. And even if it was, it’s unlikely for Markle to allow Prince Harry to travel with their children without her around.