Good Witch series finale is coming this weekend on Hallmark Channel, titled “The Wedding.” The episode picks up everything that transpired in the penultimate. One of the biggest concerns here is whether or not Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale (Catherine Bell) will be fine.

Good Witch series finale will wrap up most of the storylines since the beginning. The penultimate, titled “The Search,” specifically more questions that needed to be answered. For instance, Cassie collapsed which suggests that something bad may have happened to her.

WARNING! Major spoilers from the penultimate episode coming ahead. Read at your own risk.

The Merriwicks uncovered ones' new powers but the red-haloed moon threatened to strip all of it. Cassie is having a hard time dealing with what’s happening. Rather than fearing the threats, she accepted the fact that she shouldn’t carry the responsibility of powers she didn't request.

Yet, she doesn’t really know who she is without her powers – making the situation more complicated for her. She lived almost her entire life believing that her powers betrayed her after she failed to warn her parents that something bad will happen to them.

Cassie has been searching for the foundation of her existence, and she finally found the answer in the penultimate. Her mother revealed where their family’s powers came from and mentioned the importance of the purple pouches.

The episode is full of emotional and heartwarming moments for Cassie. But then, the ending brought mystery as she suddenly collapsed. This is going to be one of the things that will be explored and addressed in the show’s final episode.

However, the promo of the Good Witch series finale didn’t tease the outcome of this. Instead, it did confirm that Cassie is alive. In fact, she and her fellow Merriwicks are up for another showdown. This also indicates that a lot of twists are coming before the series concludes.

The synopsis of the Good Witch series finale didn’t mention Cassie’s collapse, as well. It only notes that “the Merriwick cousins get ready to face the mysterious force putting their family legacy at risk while changes are in store for others.”

In addition to Bell, the series also stars James Denton as Sam Radford, Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing, Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale, Kylee Evans as Stephanie Borden, Katherine Barrell as Joy Harper, Marc Bendavid as Donovan Davenport, and Scott Cavalheiro as Adam Hawkins.

Good Witch series finale is airing on Sunday, July 25, on Hallmark Channel.