EXO member Sehun recently talked about the sports he’s currently enjoying, the success of EXO’s recent comeback, his upcoming drama with Song Hye Kyo, and more.

Sehun, whose real name is Oh Se-hun, took part in a stunning pictorial for Esquire. During the interview with the magazine, he shared what he’s been up to at the moment. He revealed that he currently likes eating Chinese yam and sumac chicken, which are both healthy foods.

Then, he goes on to discuss which sport interests him the most these days. Sehun said that he’s not been interested in playing golf before, but he had gotten into it after playing with his childhood friends. He got hooked on the sport and started to play it more often.

When it comes to his career, he talks about the feeling of performing as an artist. He said that he misses the audience's cheers while on stage. He added that the feeling isn’t familiar with everything they perform since every stage is different.

Sehun also discussed some of the challenges a group has to deal with when performing. He said that having a lot of members means complicated formations on stage. Because of this, he gets nervous sometimes he might forget this.

EXO's recent comeback with “Don’t Fight the Feeling” has been a successful one. Talking about what he felt at that moment, Sehun said he’s very happy because it’s their first comeback in a while. He also feels the love of fans even though they couldn’t promote in the field due to the current situation.

Meanwhile, Sehun became one of the first celebrities to wear the 2022 summer collection from Cactus Jack and Dior. Commenting on this, he shared that he’s “in a daze”. Although he doesn’t show it on the outside, he made it clear that he’s “really happy on his own on the inside.”

Sehun also talked about his upcoming TV drama Now, We Are Breaking Up, which also stars Song Hye Kyo. The drama tells a story that occurs at a fashion company names, The One. He is set to play the role of Hwang Chi, the son of the CEO.

Although the CEO’s son, his character will join The One’s design team as a new employee and Song Hye Kyo’s character is the leader of the team. Sehun also mentioned some of his similarities with Hwang Chi, which is honest, purposefully speak curtly to other people, and acting cute.