Angelina Jolie will allegedly bid Hollywood goodbye very soon.

In its July 19 issue, New Idea claimed that Jolie is sick and tired of Hollywood especially in the wake of her divorce from Brad Pitt.

Since a lot of people saw her as the bad guy in their divorce, the mom of six wants to flee the industry.

“Angelina wants to leave Hollywood so badly. It’s been nothing but toxic for her ever since her split from Brad. It feels to her like all of the showbiz has taken his side, when in reality they were both to blame for what happened,” the source said.

The insider added that Jolie feels that now more than ever, something needs to change in her life. So, it’s highly likely for her to trade in her public events and red carpet appearances to focus more on what matters.

Since the mom of six is involved in charity work across the world, the unnamed source is convinced that this is what Jolie will focus on.

Another turning point for Jolie was allegedly her new movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead. Since she received lukewarm reception for her project, Jolie became even more convinced that it’s time to bid Hollywood goodbye.

“With the way things have been for her, she’d probably be looking to leave LA and make a sea or tree change. She’s intent on running away from this current life,” the source said.

However, Jolie has not expressed any desire to quit Hollywood. While it is true that she is also focused on her charity work, this doesn’t mean that the actress can’t do both.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just creating drama about Jolie where there is none. After all, the actress previously said that she wanted to leave the country with her kids but couldn’t because of her custody battle with Pitt.

Speaking of the exes’ custody battle, the judge recently ruled in favor of Pitt’s request to have joint custody of his five minor children. However, Jolie has no plans to back down.

There are reports suggesting that the Maleficent star will be appealing the judge’s ruling.

According to Us Weekly, the A-listers were scheduled to appear in court last July 9, where their case was presented before a three-justice panel and both of their attorneys were given time to present their arguments.

As of late, it is unclear what happened during the scheduled hearing.