Angelina Jolie has allegedly revealed the real score between her and Johnny Lee Miller to her friends.

In its June 29 issue, Heat UK claimed that Jolie wants her family, friends, and fans to chill because there’s nothing serious going on between her and Miller.

While the actress’s pals are convinced that there’s unfinished between them, Jolie and Miller are allegedly taking things slow.

“Angie feels that she’s missing adventure and excitement in her life. And so, when Jonny got in touch and invited her to hang out, she threw caution to the wind and said why not. They had a wonderful time and there’s definitely still a connection there,” the source said.

Rumors about Jolie and Miller made headlines shortly after the former was photographed outside the latter’s apartment building.

Eagle-eyed witnesses claimed that the Maleficent was there to visit her ex-husband. However, it is important to note that Jolie and Miller have not been photographed together.

The exes tied the knot in the 90s, but they divorced shortly after. Following their split, the A-listers stayed friends.

In fact, the tabloid said that not a lot of people know that Jolie and Miller never lost touch.

“Angie is telling everyone to chill out. She and Jonny have been friendly for years, and it was a fun meeting and nothing serious. She’s not looking to rush into anything so of course, she’s playing it down despite some pretty obvious flirting going on from both sides,” the source said.

The insider added that Jolie has always had a soft side for Miller. And the actress allegedly acts shy when she likes someone.

But at the end of the day, one time will where their reunion will lead. And their mutual friends are all rooting for them to get back together.

However, the tabloid didn’t interview Jolie’s friends so no one knows for sure how they feel about the actress potentially reuniting with Miller.

It is possible that the exes are just being linked to each other because they are both single.

But during a previous interview with E! News, the mom of six admitted that she has several relationship dealbreakers.

Jolie also acknowledged that the fact that she’s been single for many years could be a dealbreaker for her potential suitors.

Following her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie decided to focus on her children and her career instead of her love life.