Alex Rodriguez started dating Jennifer Lopez in 2017, and the couple announced their engagement in 2019. However, it was announced that they broke up in April 2021. After the news of their split, several rumors have been tailing the former New York Yankee.

News about Lopez rekindling her romance with ex Ben Affleck surface a few months after the breakup. Several photos online showed the two spending time together. Because of this, some have been wondering what Rodriguez has been up to after his split with the pop star.

Most of the rumors about the retired baseball shortstop center on his romantic life. For instance, a report from National Enquirer claims that Rodriguez felt humiliated by Lopez getting back to Affleck as their breakup is still fresh.

Allegedly, the singer is aware of this that’s why she and her new beau don’t want to make their reunion known as of yet. A source from the outlet said that Lopez is “wary about antagonizing Alex any further,” and added that he didn’t know how to move forward.

But then, this claim has already been debunked. Although the two separated, it seems like they’re still in an amicable position. They’re also required to still work together because of their joint business ventures. There is no proof that there’s hostility between them.

Meanwhile, the reason for Rodriguez and Lopez’s split wasn’t really disclosed but one tabloid asserted that it’s because of the latter’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony. New Idea published a story alleging that the singer-songwriter never liked the retired baseball star.

At the time, the article was titled “Why J.Lo Really Called Off The Wedding?” However, the content didn’t answer the question in the headline, making the claim suspicious. It has since confirmed that the singer’s former husband has nothing to do with the breakup.

When it comes to dating rumors, the recent one involves Katie Holmes. There have been speculations that Rodriguez was dating the actress after he was spotted leaving her apartment building. But just like the previous claims, this has been proved nothing but false.

The real reason why the pro baseball player was spotted on that building was that he’s looking for new properties to purchase. It’s also unlikely that they’re dating as a rep for Holmes made it clear that the two have never even met.

Rodriguez appears to be focusing on his self rather than start dating again. A report from Entertainment Tonight noted that he is not interested to be in a serious relationship at the moment and he’s adjusting to his single life.

In fact, Rodriguez shared a shirtless photo of himself enjoying the summer on his Instagram account. He wrote in the caption, "I've fallen, and I can't get up! And I'm good with that. #perfectweather”. The post comes a few months after debuting his “dad bod weight loss.”