Katie Holmes was allegedly to blame for Tom Cruise’s decision to take a step back from his acting career.

In its July 5 issue, Us Weekly claimed that Cruise struggled a lot following his split from Holmes.

“Tom was crushed when Katie decided to leave him. He thought they’d created this magical life together. So, when she left, he needed to take a step back from everything. It took a lot of mourning and soul-searching, but he finally figured out how to rebuild his world without Katie in it,” the source said.

After he got over his ex-wife, Cruise focused his energy on his acting career again.

In fact, a lot of people from the industry allegedly know him as a workaholic because he devours scripts that get sent his way. And he’s also always on the lookout for new projects that will challenge his acting skills.

However, the tabloid’s source is claiming that Cruise seems to be working too much. And he’s almost burnt out that’s why he’s always enraged on the set of his upcoming movie, Mission: Impossible 7.

“Tom’s working himself to the ground. He knows time is running out to make this film, which is why he’s on a frenzy,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the unnamed source also claimed to know details about Cruise’s personal life.

They said that when he’s not busy working, the actor spends most of his time with his sister, as well as his two adopted kids, Bella and Connor.

And when they can’t hang out, Cruise allegedly calls his children and sister on FaceTime.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Cruise has moved on from Holmes a long time ago. And the actress has also been involved with other men since her divorce from the actor.

So, it is unclear why the tabloid felt the need to mention the A-listers’ history when their relationship has long been over.

Cruise also made headlines in recent months after a video of himself lashing out at crew members were made public.

The actor is reprimanding staff members that didn’t wear their masks on set because they could jeopardize filming.

While a lot of people praised the actor for his dedication and commitment to keep everyone healthy and safe on set, there are also those that questioned what he did.

Cruise’s critics accused him of stagin the whole incident.