Nicole Kidman is allegedly dreading the day when her daughter, Sunday becomes a teenager.

In its June 28 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Sunday will be turning 13 on July 7. And while Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban are planning something special for their daughter, the former couldn’t help but have a secret meltdown.

“Nicole tried for years to decades to have kids. And now her time with her babies feels like it’s almost over. She’s not ready to have a 13-year-old yet. And while she’s pretending to be excited for her daughter, July 7 has been marked on her calendar with increasing dread,” the source said.

Sunday is reportedly wise beyond her years, and she is also very mature for her age. The soon-to-be-teenager allegedly loves reading books that’s why she knows a lot of things. And every time she shares them with her parents, Kidman and Urban couldn’t help but be impressed.

The insider added that Kidman has lived a whirlwind life so she couldn’t keep up with how fast time flies.

“She has always voiced a need to slow down and enjoy her family in its early stages more – not that you can tell from her upcoming projects. She has 17 productions on the go for the near future,” the source said.

Urban is allegedly trying to help Kidman snap out of her meltdown because the singer fears Sunday will feel bad about her special day.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Kidman has never said that she’s stressing over her daughter becoming a teenager.

Meanwhile, Kidman also made headlines this week after she celebrated her birthday and honored Urban on Father’s Day.

On her Instagram account, the Big Little Lies star shared a photo of herself kissing Urban on the lips and accompanied it with a touching caption.

Father’s Day this year fell on Kidman’s 54th birthday as well and she celebrated her special day with her family.

Urban also paid tribute to his wife on social media by greeting her and then calling Kidman “baby girl.”

The couple, who will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary soon have two children together, Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 10.

Kidman also has two adopted children with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. Bella is now 28 years old, while Connor is now 26 years old.