Beyonce doesn’t allegedly feel the need to fake her friendship with Mariah Carey any longer.

In its June 28 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Carey already decided to quit Jay-Z’s music label. And when Beyonce found out about it, she couldn’t be happier.

After all, the “Crazy In Love” singer has been only been faking it with Carey because she needs to be chums with her husband’s artists.

“Beyonce tolerated Mariah for Jay’s sake but the friendship was never genuine. It’s well-known Mariah got on both the Carters’ nerves in the worst way for years. Mariah’s entitled behavior and her [expletive] attitude in general really irritated Beyonce, especially when she called at all hours to waste Jay-Z’s time and demand special treatment over all his other clients,” the source said.

The insider added that Carey has always thought very highly of herself. But she met her match in Beyonce, who refused to take tolerate her diva attitude.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Carey and Jay-Z’s working relationship didn’t end on a positive note because they allegedly got into an argument when the former decided that she was leaving Roc Nation.

A rep for Carey has since denied the claims, but the tabloid is insisting that there’s bad blood between the two artists.

Jay-Z isn’t allegedly thrilled to learn that Carey is already talking to other managers who will share her same vision. The former feels this is a slap on the face because he was accused of not sharing the same vision with the “Hero” singer.

“But plenty of people are unhappy that Mariah let her temper get the best of her,” the source said.

Additionally, her critics are also convinced her decision will come to bite her later on because there’s no better manager than Jay-Z.

But while it is true that Carey has decided to quit Jay-Z’s label, there’s no proof that the two artists ended their relationship on a negative note.

It’s also not true that Beyonce just faked her friendship with Carey because there’s no indication that the two women are even that close.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just pitting the two women against each other for clickbait.

A source for People also confirmed that Carey’s relationship with the couple isn’t strained. In fact, Carey is now being handled by Range, where her former manager from Roc Nation is also a managing partner.