Matt LeBlanc is allegedly upset at his critics for comparing him to an Irish uncle because of his massive weight gain.

In its June 28 issue, National Enquirer alleged that LeBlanc shocked a lot of people when he appeared at the recent Friends reunion.

It became evident that the actor has gained a considerable amount of weight. And the tabloid also claimed that he has tipped the scales at 300 pounds.

“Matt loves his carbs and big portions. And even though there was pressure to slim down for the reunion gig, he just couldn’t manage it. He’s smashing the scales at 300 pounds at the very least and it didn’t help his ego that people were comparing him to a big lovable bear,” the source said.

If not a bear, other critics are calling LeBlanc an Irish uncle on social media. And the actor’s ego is allegedly bruised.

To make things worse, LeBlanc and his co-star, Matthew Perry were the only two people criticized after the Friends reunion. After all, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer didn’t even look like they aged even just a bit.

After the trolling that he received, LeBlanc is allegedly more determined than ever to lose some weight.

“He’s hiring a trainer to work him out for four or five days a week, plus he’s tossed the bad stuff in his kitchen. A nutritionist is planning all his meals, which he’s having delivered so he’s not tempted by the sweets and bread at the grocery store. Matt’s sticking with the program so far,” the source said.

The actor has also been telling his family and friends that he will come back leaner and happier in the coming weeks. And he’s ready to fire back at all those who criticized his weight and appearance.

Other than LeBlanc, the same tabloid has also been spreading lies his co-stars.

In April, the tabloid claimed that the Friends reunion wouldn’t be successful because of the cast members’ appearances.

More specifically, the tabloid claimed that LeBlanc, Perry, and Lisa Kudrow struggled with their aging process. And they’re also camera shy these days.

But during the reunion, the three cast members showed off their unique personalities on camera.

Kudrow uttered jokes multiple times, and LeBlanc was also very vocal during the reunion. Even though Perry didn’t have much to say, his few lines during the special episode were also quite hilarious.