Prince Philip allegedly expressed his dying wish to Prince Charles weeks before his passing.

In its April 26 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Prince Philip and Prince Charles managed to have a heart-to-heart talk while the former was confined at the hospital. The father and son were also able to iron out all their issues.

Before Prince Charles left the hospital, Prince Philip allegedly asked him to look after the queen. The Duke of Edinburgh also told Prince Charles that he wants to return home because he didn’t want to die at the hospital.

“They buried the hatchet on a lot of past grievances, too. Charles and his dad weren’t often close, but they mended things when it mattered, which must be a huge source of comfort to the queen,” the source said.

Now that Prince Philip is no longer around, Prince Charles has been looking after his mom. And the queen has expressed her desire to take a step back from her royal duties.

The insider claimed that Her Majesty might finally allow Prince Charles to act as Prince Regent because she’s too heartbroken following the loss of Prince Philip.

Initially, the queen vowed to serve the crown until her last breath. But she didn’t expect that the death of her husband would take such a huge toll on her.

According to the source, Her Majesty is struggling to perform her royal duties every day. And she’s also worried that she doesn’t have long to live.

Before the queen makes a final decision about tapping Prince Charles to become Prince Regent, the source said that Prince Philip already informed his son about his wife’s plans.

The Duke of Edinburgh told Prince Charles that he might finally experience what it’s like to be king. And he also encouraged his eldest son to make the most out of it. After all, Prince Philip knows that when the queen gets better, she will return to her royal duties.

However, the tabloid’s claims are once again very far from the truth. Even though the queen is heartbroken following Prince Philip’s death, she showed her strength and perseverance to the public.

In fact, she immediately returned to her royal duties just days after the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

The queen didn’t also shed a tear at Prince Philip’s funeral. Rather, she sat by herself and in front of her husband’s coffin throughout the emotional funeral service.

She also left a handwritten note on top of her husband’s coffin and signed it with her childhood nickname, Lilibet.