Prince Charles has, allegedly, told his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, that he’s homosexual from the first time that they met.

Globe accused Prince William and Prince Harry’s dad of outing himself in a British documentary about his relationship with the late Princess Diana.

Prince Charles’ friend, Broderick Munro-Wilson, told the interviewer that the future king became increasingly frustrated because he couldn’t find a suitable bride. Eventually, Prince Charles wondered if he should just go gay.

His comments were obviously taken out of context by the tabloid. A source said that Queen Elizabeth is furious that her son and Camilla are once again at the center of a gay scandal. But, what royal fans don’t know is that Camilla is aware of her husband’s preferences.

“Camilla’s known about his gay life since they first met but he promised he would keep his homosexual trysts under wraps,” the source said.

But, Gossip Cop was quick to say that the claims made by the tabloid are incorrect. For instance, Prince Charles’ statement about going gay was a joke.

It is also untrue that Prince Charles came out of the closet years ago. Also, the only accurate thing written by the tabloid is the fact that Prince Charles really struggled to find a suitable bride for him.

In fact, even though he was madly in love with Camilla, they weren’t able to tie the knot. Other than the fact that Camilla initially married someone else, she was also depicted as an unsuitable bride for Prince Charles.

There are claims that the heir to the throne was expected to wed someone who is beautiful and who is also a virgin. It was Princess Diana that fitted the bill.

Unfortunately, there are claims that Prince Charles didn’t really love Princess Diana. And, in their end, their marriage broke down.

Meanwhile, rumors about Prince Charles and Camilla are one of the subjects that Globe loves to write about. Last month, they claimed that the royal couple already filed for divorce.

The Queen, allegedly, urged Prince Charles to divorce Camilla so that all the royal family scandals will be addressed because the monarch dies.

However, Prince Charles and Camilla haven’t filed for divorce. And, by the looks of it, they have no plans to separate.

The royal couple just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary two weeks ago. They also shared an adorable photo with their dogs taken at Clarence House.